Who They Are: the ultimate empathic listener, The Boyfriender can find a “deep connection” with a tree stump.  She possesses the uncanny gift of bonding with her suitor right-off-the-bat, which creates the false sense that the two of you share a magical spark, therefore pushing you into couplehood after date #2.

Identifying Traits: wears her heart on her sleeve and is the epitome of all hopeless romantics.  She has wracked-up a string of relationships that rarely make it past one-month in duration.  The Boyfriender loves monogamy, introducing him to her friends too soon, and upon “break-up”, may easily cry when listening to the latest Ray LaMontagne love song. Constantly telling her friends, “this just feels different” and “we’re really close already”. When friends point to her past as a note of caution, she gets mad at them.

Why They’re Single: always a victim of the “too much, too soon” phenomenon which blows-up in her pretty little face every time. This generally only works for celebrity couples (read: Ashton & Demi, George & Elisabeta). Boyfrienders are great at meeting men who are conditional, meaning they either a) live far away; b) are only in town for a month; c) have just come out of a relationship or marriage; d) are your ex’s best friend or your best friend’s ex.

Advantages: instant girlfriend with that annoying “getting to know you” period;  gives it up quick; generally sweet, well-meaning and instantly makes you feel good about yourself.; is the girl that your mother wants you to marry; nurturing, loving, and wants to please (read: terrific in bed.)

Disadvantages: after suffering multiple disappointments, her busted-up, the bruised heart can lose its idealism and give way to bitterness; feels clingy after date #3; overlooks major flaws/roadblocks in her relationships in order to fulfill her quest for true love.

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