We all know that meeting men is not easy, unless you are a supermodel or a urologist. But with strategic planning, you can maximize your opportunities to meet men. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and yaddah yaddah yaddah, but actually that’s a lie. We’re all from planet Zoran. Duh.

1. At a bar, always have a beer in hand. 

It shows that you are low-maintenance and have something in common with the majority of the male population.

2. Mention some hyper-masculine topics of interest within the first few minutes of talking to a man.

Some possibilities are: WWE, Sports!, the time you visited the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam, youporn.com vs. youjizz.com, what the big deal is with Rob Pattinson, cars etc.

3. Find out what teams your man likes and buy the gear.

Or if you’re trying to meet men in general buy 32 NFL jerseys, corresponding to the 32 NFL teams. Other gear to invest in includes hats with beer logos, white jeans (men like white jeans – don’t ask why – they just do), mardi gras beads…

4. Take up golfing. 

This is a male-centric sport. It’s kinda lazy and boring but the the 19th hole is a lot of fun. Bonus: golfers are usually rich. Other good sports to take up include karate, boxing, soccer, softball, beer pong.

5. Switch up your look.

Men like versatility. They want the librarian some days and the sexy bombshell other days. They want the girl-next-door sometimes and the glamorous socialite other times. Use this to your advantage. If you have glasses, wear them occasionally. If you usually wear your hair up, let it down every now and then. I am not saying become a schizophrenic, bi-polar Annie Wilkes, but just play with different looks.

Most importantly, be confident and feel sexy.

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